Magnolia Educators Receive Awards for Services to Language Learners

Stacey Kraack, an Instructional Practices Coach at Maxwell, taught at our Summer Language and Literacy Academy for the last two years, and provided our 5th and 6th grade long-term English learners with intensive instruction in English language arts.  Additionally, Stacey provides support for the teachers at her school site in implementing practices and strategies to support English learners throughout the school year.  

Mirna Colocho, a Parent Involvement Liaison at Disney, supports parents of English learner students across the district.  Specifically, she provides parents of TK and Kindergarten students with classes to learn English high frequency and vocabulary words in order to better support their students at home.    In addition, Mirna is an instrumental member of the District Language Assessment Team and works with students, staff, and parents to coordinate the administration of the English Language Proficiency Assessment of California (ELPAC).

Stacey and Mirna are exemplary members of the Magnolia School District team and have both made significant contributions to the success of English learners students across the district.