Magnolia School District Celebrates Its Top Spellers at the Annual Spelling Bee!

The top two spellers from each of our nine Magnolia schools who had won their school spelling bee at their respective sites had VIP transportation service on one of our district buses to Salk School. These students participated in front of an audience that consisted of participant parents, Principals and District staff members.

During this rigorous spelling competition, our spellers demonstrated their amazing spelling skills, tackling words like corpulent, vacuousness, and ricochet. This year, the District Bee went through 11 rounds, spelling a total of 75 words! We recognized the following students as our top 3 winners: 1st  place -Jacob Alfaro (6th grader from Lord Baden-Powell), 2nd place - Yanal Taha (4th grader from Jonas E. Salk School) and 3rd place -Alessandro Flores (4th grader from Dr. Peter Marshall School). We will be recognizing these three winning students at our March Board meeting.

The top three 6th grade spellers-  Jacob Alfaro (Lord Baden-Powell), Maddoc Perez (Mattie Lou Maxwell) and Christer Castro (Juliette Low School of the Arts) are eligible and will advance to the Written Round held at the end of February to compete with other 6th - 8th grade students from across Orange County, at the Orange County Department Education. 

Congratulations to all of our winning participants! We are very proud of each of our scholar spellers who put forth their best effort in this year’s District Spelling Bee.